Nintendo eShop Update For March 14

Once a week, Nintendo adds new games to their eShop on their devices. eShop is available on Wii U, (though outdated) 3DS, and Switch. This can range from Virtual Console to new games and sometimes even video services like Netflix. 

This week, it looks like the only game added was Splatoon 2 Global Testfire. The open-beta can be downloaded today for free. Splatoon 2 releases exclusively for Switch this summer. 

Microsoft Regional Headquarters

After reading the article from FOX 2 again, I have determined that Microsoft is not closing any corporate offices in Redmond, Washington. Microsoft Regional Headquarters is currently located in Creve Coeur, which is located in a part of St. Louis. Cortex University is also located in St. Louis. This will serve as Microsoft’s regional headquarters. Microsoft’s American headquarters will remain in Redmond, Washington. 

Next Major Steam Sale

Sales are a great way to buy games at a good discount. According to Expert Reviews, it looks like Valve will start their summer sale on June 23. It would be cool to see SEGA also put some Sonic The Hedgehog titles for discount, especially since that day marks the blue blur’s birthday. 

Another source that supports this article is website When Is The Next Game Sale and they also believe Valve will be starting their sale on June 23. The website has been very trustworthy in the past. Summer and even winter seem to be the best sales on Steam of the year. 
I am both excited and disappointed at the same time. I had hoped that a spring sale would occur for Steam. Maybe I have been playing way too much of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. I do have over forty hours of gameplay after all. I do; however, look forward to the summer sale.  

Why it is Important to Check For Spelling and Grammar Errors During Video Editing

It is important to check for spelling and grammar errors, especially when on YouTube or writing blogs. (How likely is it that this one is any different ‘ON’ error-free? I am not a hypocrite now. *Laughs) 
Looking back at my reveal for the fan-film of Sonic Generations published last year for Sonic The Hedgehog’s 25th anniversary or dubbed Project 25, I found mistakes on the first trailer which I did not take any time to correct. I instead posted it while knowing it was far from perfect. You can watch the reveal here:
The next two may seem a little better. Trailer 2 can be seen at this link: 

Please enjoy the third trailer:

This is just a tip for video editors. 
To watch the movie, visit:

Microsoft Relocating Worldwide Headquarters

UPDATE: Microsoft headquarters will remain in Redmond. The regional headquarters will move to Cortex University. 

Original: Microsoft had announced the other day that the company will be relocating their regional headquarters to Cortex University, which is part of St. Louis, Missouri. Microsoft is currently located in the Seattle city of Redmond, Washington. This will occur in 2018.

The may be due to the fact that there is much competition there such as companies like Nintendo’s American headquarters, Sony Interactive’s Sucker Punch and Valve. Another reason is maybe they believe relocating to an area without big corporations with computer operating systems and gaming consoles may attract much attention. Relocating to a part of the mid-west will also create more employment. At least 150 openings have been confirmed for 2018. It may even open a new era in a different part of the United States for game development.

Source: FOX News

Nintendo Switch Racap (So Far)

Good bye Wii U. Nintendo released their next generation console Switch on March 3, 2017. In this blog post, you’ll learn some details about the console based on my experience.
The Nintendo Switch is a great system even for just a small lineup of games. I played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild first. The game is very good. It has gorgeous graphics on it, very little loading screens, and many activities to do. I also played 1-2-Switch to experience the motion controls and the new HD rumble feature. Other than that cool aspect, the game was not great. The final game was only a demo called Snipperclips which was surprisingly pretty good. Considering this is not a game review, we are discussing the Switch today.
The Switch plays in tv mode while docked, handheld mode when undocked, and tablet or Mobile mode with the Joy-cons removed. (Handheld and Mobile are two different markets. Let’s not dwell on it, okay?)
In all three modes, you can play with the Joy-cons with or without the Joy-con Grip Controller or play with the Pro Controller, similar to the Wii U’s.

However, touchscreen only works while undocked. I tried using the Joy-cons attached in docked mode. It doesn’t work well for me, at least. So, three systems in one basically all for around $300 USD!
Then it has problems. The problem is a lack of games and streaming applications. The Switch broke records in North America for outselling the Wii and Wii U at launch date. That doesn’t mean the system will always sell, though. First and third-party are essential and streaming apps like Netflix and Hulu also help. The system has been doing well probably due to the new Zelda game.
Now, the system does have minor technical issues but nothing too serious for me, anyway. My Switch only crashed once for an unknown reason, occasional left Joy-con de-syncing and delays usually after an extended amount of time. I had one point where the fan was loud and the system was hot but I cannot remember if this was when I went to work and left it on for several hours to charge, before realizing it can be charged when powered down.

Overall, it’s a great system with three ways to play, some cool features (playing modes and HD rumble), and a fun time to have. It is missing many games and lacks applications, but maybe this is to be expected for a newly released console.