LA Noire Port Coming To Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and HTC Vive

Screenshot from a E-mail

Today, Rock Star announced (in an e-mail I got) a upgraded version of LA Noire. The game will launch on November 14 for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and HTF Vive. This is also the first time a R* game is coming to a Nintendo console since the original Wii with Bully: The Scholarship Edition and a first for Virtual Reality. The VR version, strangley not on PS4, will only have seven  original cases built in VR. It is sad it will not have all the cases in the PS3, Xbox 360 or PC versions, though. However, all original missions plus DLC will be present on Xbox One, PS4, and Switch. 

I will be getting the game on Day 1. I cannot wait to play this great game again. I really enjoyed it on Steam. The Switch version is my choice of play, especially since R* is not too keen on Nintendo. So, while there have been a lot of ports, this one is exceptional. 

Source: Rock Star


RBI Baseball 2017 Is Available Now For Switch

Today, RBI Baseball 2017 was released on Nintendo Switch. It can be purchased physically or digitally off of the Nintendo eShop for $29.99 USD / approx. 25.20 EUR. In addition to the purchase, a special soft sticker is included inside. 

The game lets you play as all of the National and American Leauges from Major League Baseball of the 2017 Season. While it is disappointing that it is being released at the end of the season; it will have tons of replayability. So, most people enjoying the Switch version should not care too much, aside from it releasing several months after the PS4, Xbox One, iOS, and Android versions and the price. 

I am getting my copy today from Best Buy. So, I look forward to playing it. Will you be playing RBI Baseball 2017 for Switch? Let us know in the comment section.


Final Fantasy XIV turned into an online tv series on Netflix. The whole first season is out now. And Final Fantasy XIV: Dad Of Light does not look half bad so far. 

I was unable to get a screenshot as Netflix now blocks them. 

The show is about a son and father. They are gamers. Later, they begin constantly fighting so his son, Akio buys his father a PlayStation 4 with Final Fantasy XIV. 

They rekindle their relationship by playing video games. It’s based on true events in real-life. You can watch for yourself here: Check out “FINAL FANTASY XIV Dad of Light” on Netflix

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again Confirmed 


Nintendo had an indie digital showcase this morning. This is basically a Nintendo Direct, more or less. They showed many games in it; they all were indies. 

One game that stood out is from Sumo 51. It was confirmed that No More Heroes is coming to Switch as Travis Strikes Again. 

No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive. It launches sometime in 2018 and it looks really good. It runs on Unreal and I cannot wait to play it. 

What are your thoughts?


Thoughts On Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition And Discussion On Switch Port

From FFXV: Pocket Edition Reveal Trailer 

Final Fantasy XV released last year for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. At gamescom, Square Enix aired a new trailer for a new version of the game. It is dubbed FFXV: Pocket Edition and it will release this fall for iOS and Android.

FFXV: PE will span through ten episodes. The first episode is free; you have to pay for the rest.

I also talk about a possible Nintendo Switch port. Is it a bad idea to have Mobile graphics on the system? I understand it is not as powerful as PS4 and Xb1, however if they did not make a third edition on Smart Devices (Mobile already has two other FFXV games) they could develop the game on a earlier version of the engine instead of a Mobile engine.

Watch a more detailed vlog I made on this matter: YouTube

FFXV: PE Video

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Will Be Spread Through Ten Episodes

Square Enix showed us a new trailer of Final Fantasy XV on a new device. That is Mobile. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition will release this fall for iOS and Android. 

Some rather bad news has been spotted on the web. The game will be episodic. That’s not all either; it will even be spread across ten episodes each. But hey, the first episode is free. 

No word on the price of each episode aside from Episode 1 being $0. 

I will update as I hear more.


FINAL FANTASY XIV Trailer Released On Netflix

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series is getting an original Netflix series. It is called FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dad of Light. It is based on a true story. 

The show will release starting September 1 on Netflix. You can watch the trailer here: