Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Will Be Spread Through Ten Episodes

Square Enix showed us a new trailer of Final Fantasy XV on a new device. That is Mobile. Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition will release this fall for iOS and Android. 

Some rather bad news has been spotted on the web. The game will be episodic. That’s not all either; it will even be spread across ten episodes each. But hey, the first episode is free. 

No word on the price of each episode aside from Episode 1 being $0. 

I will update as I hear more.



FINAL FANTASY XIV Trailer Released On Netflix

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy series is getting an original Netflix series. It is called FINAL FANTASY XIV: Dad of Light. It is based on a true story. 

The show will release starting September 1 on Netflix. You can watch the trailer here:

PayPal Is Coming To Nintendo Switch eShop

Nintendo on Twitter announced PayPal is coming to Switch. This may a better way to pay for games for a lot of people. Many will love this new feature. This was something I did not expect to ever happen. However, it did and I am happy. I hope many of you are too. This makes things more convenient. 

What are your thoughts? Do you like PayPal? Leave your comments below. 

Source: Nintendo Twitter

Final Fantasy XV Is Coming To PC Early 2018

Screenshot from trailer.

Square Enix has just announced that a PC version of Final Fantasy XV is being worked on. It’s right around gamescom too. The game will release in 2018. It’s dubbed Final Famtasy XV Windows w Edition. I have no idea if it will be a timed Windows Store exclusive or not; I still expext to see a Steam version soon.

What do you think of playing FFXV on PC? Leave your thoughts below.