Amazon Release Listing For Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3

Bayonetta 3 Design As Seen in The Game Awards Reveal

Bayonetta 3 is coming exclusively to the Nintendo Switch. No release date has been officially confirmed, yet. However, this date holder on Amazon suggests the game could release on December 28. I don’t think this will be the case, though. I would make a guess of either around the holiday season (like November) or early 2018. Still though, this is interesting. Usually, Amazon will list the last day of the year for release dates, like December 31. But considering this was listed as December 28 makes it furthermore interesting.

Amazon Listing of Bayonetta 3


Nintendo Announces Nintendo Labo As A New Way To Play On Switch

Nintendo just announced a new way to play on the Switch. It is called Nintendo Labo. Labo will release on April 20, 2018. It is a game that let’s the player create things; like a piano, fishing pole, a house, etc. It is mainly for kids.

It looks and sounds stupid until you actually watch the trailer. It is rather silly. Let me explain. Nintendo is releasing two kits for the game (if it can be called a game). The Variety Kit has a MSRP of $69.99 USD. The other one, the Robot Kit costs $79.99 USD. That is very expensive. However, I assume the game would come with it for around fifty bucks plus another ten or twenty dollars. (Prices may differ in other countries.)

In addition to the new Nintendo Switch expansion, the company is letting select players participate to try the game out before release. It is roughly a three hour event. But they prefer kids around ages six to twelve. You also should live in or near New York or San Francisco, California.

If interested, sign up right away here. The New York event will be held on February 2 and 3. As for San Francisco, it will be held on March 2 through the 4. March 3 is also the Switch’s first year anniversary. Maybe something special will happen that day. Sign ups either end on January 21 at the end of the day at 11:59 pm PST or when ever they have no more room for attendants.

For more information on Nintendo Labo, visit Nintendo’s Official Website.

SQUARE ENIX Announced FINAL FANTASY XV Releases On March 6 For PC

Series logo for Final Fantasy

SQUARE ENIX announced this morning around mid-night that the PC version of Final Fantasy XV, dubbed FINAL FANTASY XV: Windows Edition will be releasing on March 6. A trailer was uploaded along with the release date. Note, it is the same trailer as the reveal for the PC version. All that seems different is the ending of it with a release date. Hopefully, closer to March or on March 6, Square will put effort into a new trailer.

You can watch the FFXV trailer here: YouTube

List Of Games Shown During The January 2018 Nintendo Direct Mini

Nintendo had its first Direct of 2018. Now, it was a mini Direct, but still a Direct. A lot of games were announced and shown off. Here is a list of games that were present in the Direct and all of them release in the first half of 2018.

You can watch my recap on it here: YouTube

The World Ends With You Remixed

Pokkén Tournament DX DLC – Spring

Kirby Star Allies – March 16

Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition –

Mario Tennis Aces – Spring

Fe – February 16

Super Mario Odyssey Competitive Mode

SNK Heroins

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle Added Content

PayDay2 – February

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

Dark Souls Remastered

Nintendo Is Already Planning Out The Next Machine EDITED

EDIT: Nintendo is planning out their next machine. This could be their next console or the possible 3DS successor they hinted at prior.

ORIGINAL: Nintendo is now planning its new console after Switch. It has not even been a year, yet. However, do not expect this to release anytime soon.

But don’t be too surprised. This happened with Sony with PlayStation 4 starting development (or at least planned out) after PS3 released.

English Translation

Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas! Happy Whatever You Celebrate!

Happy Holidays everyone! Merry Christmas! Happy whatever you celebrate. Happy birthday Jesus. (No one really knows when his birthday is.) I hope you have a great Christmas this year. Feel free to stop by and comment on your favorite games you may have gotten.

It has been a great year on WordPress. I look forward to the rest of 2017 and even 2018. Without further do, Merry Christmas once again!