Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes Available Now On Switch


Soulja Game Console Website Will Redirect URL To Nintendo Official Website

Soulja Boy has been selling game consoles. One of his consoles had 800 games. It included ROM’s from the NES, SNES, SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive, and the PSone library.

It now seems that Nintendo has taken legal action. YouTuber NintendoPrime, explained that the URL now takes you to Nintendo’s official website. Try going to and you will see that it takes you to the Nintendo 3DS portion of Nintendo’s official website.

This did not surprise me as Nintendo is very defensive on their own IP’s. However, Nintendo did lean back on allowing content creators on YouTube and Twitch to receive all of the monetization. But Soulja Game is different. It uses illegal copies of games. A lot of the ROM’s are Nintendo games. I am really surprised it even took this long for Nintendo to take legal action.

Video Game Console and Handheld Sales Estimations As Of December 22, 2018

According to VGChartz, here are the estimated sales for the current generation of consoles, as well as the PlayStation VITA and Nintendo 3DS handhelds. These figure were set on December 22. These are estimations, we will have to wait for the NPD’s early this week more more concrete information.

Console Sales

Starting with Nintendo, the Switch launched back in March 2017. It looks to have sold at least 29 million units. It is getting closer and closer to Microsoft’s Xbox One, which lies at 43.1 million consoles sold. Next is Sony’s PlayStation 4. The PS4 has reached 91.2 million SKU’s. It is probable to outsell the Wii by this summer, which sold over 101 million consoles.

Handheld Sales

Moving on to handhelds this time with Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation VITA. Nintendo 3DS sales are slowing down, but sales have remained positive throughout 2018. The 3DS roughly sits at 74.1 million units. Finally, the PlayStation VITA reached a number of 16.1 million. It didn’t do that well; however, it seems to have performed slightly better than the failed Wii U at 14.86 million units.


NPD, in my opinion is more accurate on video game software and hardware sales. This will have to hold us over for now until the week starts. However, I do expect all consoles and handhelds to perform well.

Christmas Arrives In Sonic Dash

Sonic Dash is a free Mobile game for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. The game released back in 2013. It is an endless runner action game. It lets you play as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Shadow, and plenty more Sonic characters. It even features My Little Kitty and characters from Angry Birds.

Today is Christmas Day. Sonic Dash seems to have a new addition. I figured, what better way to celebrate Christmas than to make a post on this. It is short but I think it is still worth checking out. The game is free, after all.

You can get Sonic Dash on iOS, Android, and Windows. The game has been out for nearly six years now and has garnered over 200 million downloads.

To learn more on Sonic Dash, go HERE.