Nintendo Getting Sued Over Switch Joy-con Idea

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Company, Gamevice is claiming Nintendo has infringed thier patent on the unreleased Wikipad. Never heard of this company? Me either. Anyway, they had a patent to release a gaming tablet that had a detachable controller just like the Switch. Interesting enough, it also used the NVIDIA Tegra X1 chip. 

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Both systems have detachable controllers. Although the Switch looks significantly different. However, due to the success of the Switch, Gamevice claims this has damaged thier product; despite giving up on the entire thing. They had switched to Mobile add-ons. 

I believe they are suing Nintendo because they are jellous. In fact, they are suing over just the design of the Joy-cons, yet they want the entire system to get a ban. It seems they are more likely greety. I also can’t help but feel that they have no way to compete now because they are afraid to bring back Wikipad. I actually think this whole thing will be dropped in court. What do you think?

Source: Online Imput from Various Outlets


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