SNES Classic Edition Announced

Nintendo released a ministure version of the NES last November. Today, they just announced a successor called the SNES Classic. (Super Famicom in Japan) It will launch this September with 18 games. This includes Super Mario World, Star Fox 2, Earthbound, Final Fantasy VI, and many more. All of this will be included with the SNES Classic for about $80 USD. 

Assuming like the NES Classic, the door for games will probably not open. So do not get too excited about buying games for it. Nintendo wouldn’t want anyone to hack it. Some have managed to hack the NES. It does; however, come with two controllers unlike its prodesor. 
Again, the SNES Classic comes out sometime in September. The release is perfect. Since the Xbox One X launches around November, it already made sense for the Switch to be released in March. In July, Nintendo will launch the NEW 2DS XL and next (September) is the SNES. Nintendo does not seem to want thier stuff to drown in hype. 
Sources: Nintendo’s Twitter



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