Microsoft’s E3 2017 Press Conference + Xbox One X Revealed

Microsoft held their Press Conference for the Xbox One products and Windows 10. It started out with a video unveiling the Xbox Scorpio. It will be called Xbox One X (I know. It’s a great name, right?) and it will release on November 7 for $499.99 in the US and likely around 600 euros in Europe. It is more powerful with 11 GB of VRAM, True 4K at 60 FPS, a better processor, and faster loading. It is basically a Xbox One Pro.

They also showed off forty-two games. I will not go over every single one of them, however, I will discuss a small handful of them. There is a new Forza game coming to Xbox One X, as well as any model of Xbox One. Ubisoft also came out to show Assassin’s Creed Origins. Some indie games were shown. Another game is Minecraft Super Duper Edition. Sea of Thieves gameplay even appeared, and a bunch of other games. A few of these games will work on Windows 10, too. (No Halo 6 it seems.)

What did I think of the conference? I was all-in-all a little disappointed. I expected more from them. I wanted to see more first-party games. Look at Sony and Nintendo. Hell, Nintendo has survived the last four years on first-party titles. (Microsoft probably can, too but that’s not what I want.) Although, many third-party games were shown so it made it a little better. But it was hard to tell if it performs any better than a base Xbox One as it was on stream.

I hope Microsoft proves me wrong, but this almost brings me back to E3 2011’s Nintendo’s Wii U revealing. The only thing is, it looks like the Xbox One X will have third-party games but the Wii U had more first-party games. It was a little better than EA’s on some ends but still not great. What do you guys think?

You can watch the entire press conference here:


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