Third-Party Support (Nintendo Edition) – I Guess

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To start, Nintendo’s Switch released on March 3 and has been selling well. Over 2.7 million consoles have sold, more by the time this is posted. It seems to be continuing, as well.

One important key factor for every video game system are ‘the games.’ If there were very few game, we would more than likely see another Wii U. The Switch will hopefully proof otherwise. In fact, about every single game shown in the October reveal was eventually confirmed to come to the Switch, ie the Wii U’s reveal where games were cancelled. The Switch seems to be getting more now, slowly but surely; It is very unlikely Skyrim will be cancelled this late as it launches in the fall for Switch. An actual ‘trailer’ needs to be shown very soon though instead of only the Switch reveal or presentation.

The Switch will be in good shape if games come. It does not need every single game in existence though to do well; As long as it also has a steady supply of first-party games, system stock, and ‘better than Wii U’ marketing.

Just bear in mind when a developer says they are big fans of Nintendo (for this matter) does not mean anything. It only creates false hype.

Nintendo Switch is available now for $299.99 USD / £279.99 BP. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Snake Pass are great additions to buy first on your Switch. Later this year, you’ll be able to pick up The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, (listed above) Super Mario Odyssey, PAYDAY 2, and more.

Source: PC Advisor


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