Snake Pass (Switch) – Review

Screenshot taken and Edited on Switch

Snake Pass was released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch on March 28 in North America and 29 March in Australia and Europe. This review is based off the version on Switch. 

While a story is present, the game doesn’t represent much of one. The world is in danger and it is up to Noodle, the snake and his friend whose is a bird to collect keystones to save their world. 


The game takes a little while to get used to. Eventually, the player should be able to control Noodle fairly well. The best way to play would be on the TV if possible with the Pro Controller. While the Joy-Cons work well too and in portable mode, the player may find his or her hands to cramp easily. It is worse with the really bad vibrations but that is no longer an issue. Sumo Digital quickly released a patch to make it feel natural. 

The game is a puzzle platforming game; where Noodle slithers his way through grass and other objectales. It is a little difficult at times, but it presents a fair challenge. The bird picks up Noodle’s tail when asked for help. Sometimes it helps, while other times it gets you killed as you plummet to your death. 

The game’s engine runs on Unreal Engine 4; That makes it one of the first ever games on a Nintendo system to utilize this engine. It also makes the game look amazing in high definition both docked and while undocked. 

One complaint though, is that the frame rate seems to only stay around 30. According to Digital Foundry, it drops a couple frames a little bit at times, although it is almost unnoticeable. Therefore, since this is a new indie game (IP), some layback was given to the game developers this time. 


The game’s music is great. It was composed by David Wise, a former Rare musician. 


The game is a great game. It is a digital only title for $19.99 USD MSRP (Approx £15.99 BP). That is a perfect price for a short indie game with a great experience. 

Watch the video for a more in-depth review:


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