Next Major Steam Sale

Sales are a great way to buy games at a good discount. According to Expert Reviews, it looks like Valve will start their summer sale on June 23. It would be cool to see SEGA also put some Sonic The Hedgehog titles for discount, especially since that day marks the blue blur’s birthday. 

Another source that supports this article is website When Is The Next Game Sale and they also believe Valve will be starting their sale on June 23. The website has been very trustworthy in the past. Summer and even winter seem to be the best sales on Steam of the year. 
I am both excited and disappointed at the same time. I had hoped that a spring sale would occur for Steam. Maybe I have been playing way too much of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. I do have over forty hours of gameplay after all. I do; however, look forward to the summer sale.  


Author: SonicmanTheBest

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