Microsoft Relocating Worldwide Headquarters

UPDATE: Microsoft headquarters will remain in Redmond. The regional headquarters will move to Cortex University. 

Original: Microsoft had announced the other day that the company will be relocating their regional headquarters to Cortex University, which is part of St. Louis, Missouri. Microsoft is currently located in the Seattle city of Redmond, Washington. This will occur in 2018.

The may be due to the fact that there is much competition there such as companies like Nintendo’s American headquarters, Sony Interactive’s Sucker Punch and Valve. Another reason is maybe they believe relocating to an area without big corporations with computer operating systems and gaming consoles may attract much attention. Relocating to a part of the mid-west will also create more employment. At least 150 openings have been confirmed for 2018. It may even open a new era in a different part of the United States for game development.

Source: FOX News


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