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Metal Gear Survive Open BETA Gameplay Video

The video is a little choppy due to the file size being so large, I had to shrink it down. The video was originally 26 GB! Now it is about 2 GB.
Anyway, KONAMI released Metal Gear Survive’s second beta on Friday through Sunday. This time, it was on PC. I do miss Hideo Kojima but I also thought about giving KONAMI one shot since there has not been a console game since MGSV. Also note that many of the programmers worked on Phantom Pain. It isn’t their fault for what happened.
Now, the game plays okay but don’t expect too much. It is not bad, at least. But I would not call it a great game. Even for a beta. It was a big surprise, but good on KONAMI to make the beta free, instead of what other companies are doing and requiring you to pre-order to play, what is more-or-less a demo.
Metal Gear Survive will be out in the Americas on February 20 and 22 February in Europe at an MSRP of $39.99 USD / 39.95 EUR.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is Out Now for Mobile

From the trailer

Square Enix released Final Fantasy XV back in 2016 on The PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. In 2017, Square announced they would be bringing FFXV to PC on Windows 10 platforms using Steam, Origin, and the digital Microsoft Store.

Also, you can get Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition on your phone. If you have iOS or Android, you can download the game now. There are ten episodes. The first episode is free, but the entire game costs $19.99 USD.

Additionally, they confirmed that the Pocket Edition would arrive on PC. Therefore, the PC will have two different versions. That makes it the only platform to have two versions of Final Fantasy XV, unless you count the other spin-offs. But PE still has the (mostly) same story.

In other FFXV news, Square Enix was testing the Nintendo Switch hardware with the Luminous Engine, which is used for the console versions and PC version. There were issues. Therefore, they tested it with Unity and Unreal. The game so far has been confirmed to be most likely coming to the Switch on Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4. But take this with a grain of salt, as there is no official confirmation that the game will be finished. But it does sound like with as much effort they are putting into it and as successful as the Switch has been in terms of sales and most third-party and indie games, it is likely it will come to the light of day.

Official Release Trailer

Nintendo Confirmed MyNintendo Switch Rewards Will Launch In March

Switch MyNintendo Rewards March 2018.jpg

Nintendo just tweeted out that Switch rewards are coming on MyNintendo. Starting this March, you will be able to use your gold coins to get discounts on games (and possibly get free games or in-game content). If it is at all like the Mobile games, then we can expect to see an achievement system. Unlike achievements or trophies on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, or Steam, you can actually you them to unlock stuff. In a sense, that may be a better option. However, there is still information worth waiting for.


Back to the Future: Telltale Series Is Now On YouTube

Custom logo based on the official Back to the Future logo from Universal

Back to the Future: The Game is a Telltale series that takes place after the highly successful Back to the Future movie trilogy from Universal.
The game brings back some of the classic actors, Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd! Marty McFly was actually voice by AJ LoCascio during Episodes 1 – 4, while Micheal J. Fox returns to play two characters in the final episode.

This was first streamed on Twitch. However, now it is on YouTube. There is at least ten hours of watch time included. Enjoy.

The Nintendo Switch Outsold The Wii U, Switch Online, Mario Kart Tour Coming To Mobile, and More Announced

14.86 million.jpgOn January 31, 2018, Nintendo of Japan held a Investor’s Meeting. Nintendo Switch just reached a major milestone. The Switch has just sold over 14.86 million consoles in 10 months since December 31, 2017. That means that it outsold the Wii U’s lifetime sales, which sold over 13.56 million units. The sales on the Switch have reached over 52.57 million units, as well.

Around the middle of December, Nintendo announced that 10 million Switch’s were sold worldwide. Backing up to what was stated before, 14.86 million have sold since New Year’s Eve. If it reached 10 million by the last of November 2017, than that means it would have sold roughly 4.86 million consoles in a single month. This is just an estimate since back in December’s announcements, no one knows for sure, except for Nintendo, what the date that sales record was based around. Still, an estimated 3 to 4 million consoles sold in one month is impressive; even for Nintendo.

No new information was released on Wii U’s sales. It looks as if the Wii U is still close to 13.56 million units. It is also quite possible it may have only sold a couple thousand new consoles this year. But it may not be enough to account for. As for software sales, the number rests at 101.56 million. That is almost twice as much as the Nintendo Switch’s software sales, despite Switch already outselling the Wii U.

Next up is the Nintendo 3DS. Do note that the 3DS, 2DS, NEW 3DS/2DS are in the same family. The 3DS has gotten up to 71.99 million handhelds sold and 360.50 million software titles sold. That is a big number for the system. It can even be thought of backup since the Wii U was a commercial failure.

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Nintendo has confirmed that the release date for Nintendo Switch Online is September 2018. As for when in September is unknown, if no more delays occur.

Mario Kart Tour

In addition to Switch announcements, Nintendo revealed that a version of Mario Kart is coming to Mobile platforms, more than likely Android and Apple’s iPhone and iPad. This game is titled Mario Kart Tour. The game will release toward the end of FY 2018. In other words, it will release in March or April of 2019.

Finally, Nintendo has said they are working on a movie with Illumination. They worked on movies like Despicable Me and The Minions spin-off. Shigeru Miyamoto and Chris Meledandri will be part of the Super Mario film. Now, @NintendoAmerica said it will star Mario. While @NintendoEurope said it is a Mario movie, just to clear the confusion. The only reason this is being pointed out is because there was confusion with Disney’s and Pixar’s Wreck-it Ralph when Bowser had a cameo.

That is all the Nintendo news for now. Thank you for reading. And I hope you enjoyed the video that will go along with this: YouTube

Source: Nintendo IR Information