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Nintendo Is Releasing The NES and SNES Classic Again Starting This Summer

Nintendo will be re-releasing both the NES and SNES Classic Editions consoles this year. Nintendo has announced that the NES Classic Edition will release again on June 29, this summer. The SNES Classic will also launch this year. There should be plenty of stock throughout the year.


It looks as though a Nintendo 64 or a Gameboy Classic Edition will not be making an appearance in stores this year. But it is still possible. 2019 looks more likely or even 2020.

Both the NES and SNES Classic sold very well. They sold so well that Nintendo could not get enough in stores. Stock is much better now for Switch. Therefore, maybe the next systems of the Classic Edition line will have plenty in stock.

Source: Twitter

Sony May Not Be Holding A Traditional E3 Press Conference This Year

UPDATE: Sony may be holding a press conference after all.

From PlayStation Life Style

Sony Interactive has finally announced their E3 plans for PlayStation. It seems they will be taking a new approach, similar to Nintendo. This year, instead of a traditional press conference, Sony’s main focus will be four AAA games, which are The Last Of Us: Part II, Death Stranding, Spider-man, and Ghost Of Tsushima. Other third-party games will be around, as well.

Sony is changing the name Press Conference to something else, Showcase. So, they will still be showing games off, but similar to what Nintendo does, they may not be having a traditional press conference, either.

“The last two or three years, to the careful observer, you’ll see that we continue to try to refresh and remake and reignite what we do at the what used to be called a press conference for E3,” a quote from Shawn Layden of Sony Interactive on Polygon’s article.

That’s what it sounds like, anyway. Polygon said that is unclear if Sony will he having one or not, this year. Regardless, Sony will be having a big E3, they will do well, just like Nintendo has the last two years.

Sony will be broadcasting on its website, as well as YouTube, Twitch, and more. The date has been set for June 11 at 6 pm PT / 9 pm ET / 2 am BST.




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Miitomo Has Been Shut Down By Nintendo

UPDATE: This is an earlier article from this week. There was an error with the publishing that was missed. The date of posting is incorrect as to when this happened.

Nintendo did say earlier this year that they would be ending Miitomo servers on May 9. The app had a rough go and did not meet expectations. Today, Miitomo’s public servers have officially died. When loading the game, it gives out an error message and error code.

Miitomo released two years ago in 2016 for iOS and Android. It was a free social app from Nintendo featuring Mii’s. You could interact with other Mii’s, buy clothes, answer questions, and more. It really wasn’t exiting after the first day.

Miitomo can still be downloaded from the App Store. There is probably no need for a download link. Though, there is really no reason to download it now, unless someone wants to say they have it. It will likely be taken off of the App Store later this week.

Nintendo Is Releasing A Cloud Backup For Games, Free NES Games, And More On Switch In September

UPDATE *There will be 20 games coming in reality.*

According to Kotaku, Nintendo has announced on their Japanese website, that cloud backup saves will be coming to the Switch. It should not have taken so long, but it is here. My first thought was “Why isn’t it free!?” But even Sony charges a fee to use their cloud which is included with PlayStation Plus, which also gains you free games. Apple also gives you 5 GB of storage on iCloud to start with. It isn’t much, but if you pay 99 cents, it rewards you 50 GB of storage on iCloud. That’s a good deal if Apple doesn’t offer anything else. But Nintendo is giving us at least one free game every month, regardless if you care for it. But keep reading, the game list is coming up shortly.

Speaking of free games, ten NES games have been confirmed, as well. Not the HAMSTER Arcade ports, either. That’s right. This fall, you will be able to play NES games on your Switch. But it is unlikely all ten will release in the same month.

The list of games includes a bunch of great classics. A couple of sports games are coming, too. Soon, you will be able to play Ice Climbers, The Legend of Zelda, Balloon Fight, Soccer, (that’s football for those of you outside of the US and Canada) Tennis, Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros., Dr. Mario, Super Mario Bros. 3, and Donkey Kong. While the sports games don’t excite me as much, the other games do.

This feature will launch in September for $19.99 USD / ¥24,000 JPY a year. You get free games, discounts, and access to the Nintendo Cloud or whatever they will call it. Nintendo Cloud sounds like an acceptable name. Use that.




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Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is available today for Nintendo Switch.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is available today for Nintendo Switch. The game first released in 2014 for Wii U. It was developed by Nintendo’s first-party studio, Retro Studios and it was published by Nintendo. The game received good reviews.

In this version, there are a few differences. The graphics are a little better and you can play as Funky Kong. It basically is an easy mode.

Here are some screenshots of the game. So, you can decide to get it or not. What do you think? Let me know below.

Sony Is Enjoying Sales Of 79 Million PlayStation 4 Consoles


Sony has experienced much success with the PlayStation 4. Since release in 2013, the PlayStation 4 has reached 79 million units. This is close to what the PlayStation 3 had gained at over 80 million.

Likely, by the start of this summer, PlayStation 4 will have outsold its processor. In addition to this the milestone, it has potential to outsell the Nintendo Wii (101 Million+) if Sony remains their focus on PlayStation 4.

Sony has brought great games to the console. Plus, plenty of third-party support is a big win. Therefore, sometime in 2020, PlayStation 4 will likely have outsold the Wii.

my ps4 box

It is hard to tell if it will outsell the PlayStation 2 or the Nintendo DS. PlayStation 2 has reached 155 million units, while the DS has sold at least 154 million systems. Even if it did sell around 19 million consoles a year, it would need to sell more. And Sony will probably bring out the PlayStation successor way before then in 2020 or 2021. But like PlayStation 2 continued on selling when its successor came out, the same here could happen.

Source: GameSpot

New Nintendo Japan CEO And E3 2018 Plans For The Company

Nintendo recently announced on June 28, President and CEO Tastsumi Kimishima will be stepping down and approach a different position at Nintendo, as he gets older. This summer, a younger person in his forties will be taking over. His name is Shuntaro Furukawa.

In addition to the new CEO, Nintendo had announced their E3 2018 plans. Nintendo will be holding live streams throughout the week of E3, starting June 11 at 3:30 pm PST / 6:30 pm EST. They will also be holding game competitions for people to play. Splatoon 2 World Championship will be held on Monday, June 11 through June 12. Splatoon 2 released last summer for Nintendo Switch. Also, on the same day of June 12, some attendees will be able to play the brand new Super Smash Bros. on the Switch. It sounds likes this is an original game, too. Next on Tuesday, June 12 through June 14, Nintendo will broadcast the Treehouse to show off games.

Following all of this news is a Nintendo Showcase. This is basically a Nintendo Direct. It will be live streamed on June 12 at 9 am PST / 12 pm EST. Super Smash Bros. was one of the games that was announced to be shown off. You will be able to watch it here: Nintendo at E3




Nintendo at E3