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Super Mario Odyssey – Only ANOTHER WEEK


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Gamescom had been growing every year for a long time. Held in Cologne, Germany, tens of thousands of gamers and journalists come to play the new games and have a great time. Whether it is PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, or even PC, there is something for everyone.

This year, Nintendo had a big presence with Super Mario Odyssey, as like E3. Fans were able to sample the game. And of course, it was popular on gaming news.

Nintendo let people play a new level. This is the Luncheon Kingdom. Well, it is basically a food world. That is Mario and Nintendo for you, experimenting.

One More Week

Barely Over A Week Until Super Mario Odyssey 

YouTube Video

It’s Day 9. That means only a little over a wee until we get to play some Super Mario Odyssey on our Nintendo Switch’s!Anyway, continuing on with the series. Nintendo put Mario Odyssey content in Super Mario Run for iOS and Android. The character, Cappy is now in the game as an NPC. You can place him in your custom world map. If you tap on him, something will happen.

I realize this isn’t that exciting, however, it does still pertained to Odyssey. Therefore, I felt I should include it.

Pokémon: Majikarp Jump Mistakenly Listed As a PlayStation VR Game in Game Informer

Pokémon: Majikarp Jump is a spin-off game on iOS and Android. It released earlier this year. I’ll say this much about the game. It’s okay but gets boring quick. However, it is free. 

Anyway, I was reading last month’s issue #294. (I have been busy with other things; work, school, YouTube, etc.) One thing I saw in the end was the archive reviews. They put them at the end of every issue. At least everyone one I remember. I read up on how the games did. Some interesting, and many I didn’t care about. 

Eventually, I found the iOS titles. Which was followed by PlayStation VR. Wait a second. Pokémon: Majikarp Jump is listed as a PlayStation game? It was quite interesting so I thought it would be worth checking out if you have the chance. 

I did a quick web search and found nothing of it. I assumed it was an error the editors did not catch. It is still odd though. Pokémon: Majikarp Jump is a free game on iOS and Android. 

Source: Game Informer Issue # 294

10 More Days Until Super Mario Odyssey Comes To Nintendo Switch

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It is a little under two weeks before Nintendo puts out Super Mario Odyssey on Switch. The game comes out on October 27. Are you excited? Well, you at least should be happy.

Anyway, my next part in the series is on the Switch itself. We will go back in time to March 3 when the Nintendo Switch released. It was a great time to be a Nintendo gamer. I was so hyped that I got a Switch with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and 1-2-Switch. Though I did not care a whole lot about 1-2-Switch, it did show what both the system and Joy-cons could do.

For more, be srue to watch Day 10: https://youtu.be/IZbY3pdWY3I

There Are Only 11 Days Until The Day Comes To Play Super Mario Odyssey

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Nintendo held a press conference in Tokyo earlier this year, in January. They showed off the Switch and a bunch of games. One of the games was Super Mario Odyssey. We got an official trailer for it finally and it looks amazing. I did not want to include the entire trailer, as Nintendo is more likely to give me a copyright claim. Plus, I already had uploaded the trailer once. So, here are some screenshots from it: There Are Only 11 Days Until The Day Comes To Play Super Mario Odyssey