SNES Classic Edition Announced

Nintendo released a ministure version of the NES last November. Today, they just announced a successor called the SNES Classic. (Super Famicom in Japan) It will launch this September with 18 games. This includes Super Mario World, Star Fox 2, Earthbound, Final Fantasy VI, and many more. All of this will be included with the SNES Classic for about $80 USD. 

Assuming like the NES Classic, the door for games will probably not open. So do not get too excited about buying games for it. Nintendo wouldn’t want anyone to hack it. Some have managed to hack the NES. It does; however, come with two controllers unlike its prodesor. 
Again, the SNES Classic comes out sometime in September. The release is perfect. Since the Xbox One X launches around November, it already made sense for the Switch to be released in March. In July, Nintendo will launch the NEW 2DS XL and next (September) is the SNES. Nintendo does not seem to want thier stuff to drown in hype. 
Sources: Nintendo’s Twitter


Take-Two Shuts Down OpenIV For Grand Theft Auto V Modding

GTAV Review Thumb nail.JPGFrom Gamer News’ review of GTAV on PC

Taken by Irishfever1, Edited by Sonicman


EDIT OpenIV does not work in GTAOnline.

Yesterday, RockStar’s parent company, Take-Two, put an end to OpenIV. They said it interfered with online play with their Grand Theft Auto Online tie-in to V. Although OpenIV was made to comply with modding in Single Player, it still allows users to access the modding menu online. This is the reason it was shut down.

It is a sad day as other sites were targeted, too. But there will likely be other ways to mod games, as well as GTAV. Let’s hope they do not take the approach that Bethesda took with payed mods.



Nintendo Spotlight E3 2017

Nintendo may have had the best show at E3 this week. They showed plenty of games in a short time. Every game shown in the Spotlight (similar to Nintendo Direct) was for Switch. Sadly, no social media apps aside from Twitter and Facebook.

Games confirmed are Rocket League, Metroid Prime 4, a new Yoshi game, Kirby, and a new Pokémon too. Yes, Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda DLC were shown.

After of which, they had a Treehouse. Metroid is getting another 3DS game. This one is called Samus Returns. Prime has my attention, though.

Overall, I think Nintendo had the best show.

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